Harness the tools of modern entrepreneurship to build a successful, sustainable law practice.

Find profit and purpose by aligning your work with your strengths, cultivating mindfulness, and understanding the drivers of client value.

Want to learn how?


We offer a variety of training and consulting options to meet your needs and your budget. Scroll down to learn more, or schedule a free introductory call right now.


Our 1:1 coaching program is customized to your needs and goals. In addition to having direct access to your coaches, you will also join our online community of lawyers and gain access to our growing library of useful tools.



We offer private workshops for legal teams of all sizes tailored to your unique needs. Or you can attend a group workshop in your area to learn our approach first hand.

Online Course

If you know you need to make a change but you don’t know where to begin, start with our self-paced online course. Our video series introduces you to a wide range of tools and processes that will help you make positive improvements.



For larger teams and complex workflows, we offer embedded and virtual consulting services. Because getting a group of lawyers to change how they do things doesn’t always happen overnight.

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