Better Organizations

Change is the new normal in the legal profession, with rapidly advancing technologies, a shifting competitive landscape, and evolving client expectations of value. Keeping up isn’t enough—you need to be skating to where the puck is going. We can help you meet today’s challenges, and build a strategic plan for tomorrow.


New Practice Launch


Whether you’re adding a new practice group or launching a new firm, using our proven roadmap will accelerate your success. 

We help lawyers and their teams

  • define their mission, vision and values
  • establish SMART goals and high-level metrics
  • develop strategic plans
  • measure and monitor leading indicators of success
  • balance needs around people, processes and technology 

Works well for

  • growing and entrepreneurial firms
  • lawyers in transition
  • alternative service providers
  • legal-tech startups

We can deliver 

  • custom workshops
  • design sprints
  • embedded consulting
  • 1:1 coaching

Vision & Strategy Development


Firms with intentional strategies will capitalize on emerging opportunities, respond effectively to unexpected challenges, and outperform their competition.

We help lawyers and their teams

  • identify their organization’s core purpose 
  • clarify their collective mission, values and goals
  • understand when to pivot toward new opportunities 
  • structure their resources to deliver success

We can deliver 

  • custom workshops
  • strategy sessions
  • embedded consulting

Works well for

  • small and growing firms
  • teams experiencing a change in leadership
  • firms considering succession planning

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