You have big plans; we’ll help you realize them sooner.

(and it will be even better than you thought!)

There is opportunity all around. We'll help you sieze it. 

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • I'm fed up with the hourly grind, but I'm not sure how to implement alternative fees.
  • I already have an alternative fee or contingency practice, but I'm struggling to improve my profitability.
  • I'm tired of laboring away in the pyramid structure of somebody else's firm and am ready to strike out on my own.
  • I've got a great idea for a new legal product, but I need help bringing it to life.
  • We have a legal technology business but need help understanding the market landscape.

We’ve been in your shoes

Like you, we’re entrepreneurial lawyers, and we have real-world experience in building practices, products, and services that delight clients and form the basis for profitable, sustainable businesses. 

Not only that, we understand the importance of seeking purpose and enjoyment from our work, and demanding that our work align with the rest of our lives.

Whether it is a single session, or a coaching package, we can help you turbocharge your idea


“After implementing Agile practices I feel so much more in control of my work! Plus, after one month my amount of billable hours increased 70% over the past six-month average—Incredible!”

—Jess Birken, Birken Law


Benefits of Coaching

Start where you are. Wherever you’re running into roadblocks, we can help you break through to a happier, more satisfying and sustainable course of practice.

Gain clarity. Pause, reflect and consider your mission, values, and goals. What are the people and things in your life that are truly important? Are these values reflected in how you spend your time?

Build on your strengths. Self-knowledge is key to a fulfilling career. Through self-assessments and conversation, you’ll get a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can spend more time doing what you’re naturally good at.

Optimize your workflow. Each and every one of us gets only 1,440 minutes per day. Rather than cramming more items to your already never-ending to-do list, find ways of working smarter so you can get more done.


Customized, 1:1 coaching as a monthly subscription

You’ll start with a complimentary introductory call with one of the Start Here HQ coaches to explore your current struggles, challenges, and opportunities.

From there, you and your coach will choose together one of the pathways described below as a starting point for the coaching relationship.

Start Here Pathways

We’ve crafted three pathways to begin your journey, all of which remain fully flexible and customizable to address your needs and goals as they develop throughout the coaching process.


  • Business foundations and goal setting, including identifying firm’s vision, mission and values
  • Technology evaluation, selection, and configuration
  • Process improvement and legal project management
  • Product development and pricing (including switching to alternative fees)
  • Achieving the right product-market fit for your legal offerings
  • Drafting and executing a marketing plan that naturally aligns to your strengths
  • Designing your law practice to fit your life

personal focus

  • Aligning your work with the rest of your life
  • Improving your personal productivity
  • Identifying mission, values, and goals
  • Working through difficult situations, experiences, and negative thought patterns

leave a firm to start a practice

  • Leaving a larger firm to start a solo practice or small partnership
  • Laying a foundation for good relationships
  • Selecting new systems and processes intentionally 
  • Designing productized services 

Typical pathways are designed to generate measurable breakthroughs over a three-month cycle, but you are welcome to adjust the timeline based on your own needs and availability.


    Your coaching subscription also includes

    MONTHLY Q&A webinars

    Start Here HQ coaches will focus each month on a core element of the breakthrough pathways.

    weekly email check-ins

    Check-in keep you on course and provide accountability to your breakthrough goals.

    unlimited access

    Throughout your subscription, you'll always have unlimited access to these resources:

    • Recordings of past calls and webinars
    • Email support
    • 15-minute calls for questions or check-ins