Measurably improve your practice.
In a single afternoon.

HOW DO YOU MEET Today’s Demands?

Change is the new normal in the legal profession. With rapidly advancing technology, challenges from non-lawyer service providers, and client expectations for value-based service delivery, it’s hard to keep up. And unfortunately, just keeping up isn’t enough—you need to be able to anticipate where to go next. In hockey, it’s called skating to where the puck is going. It means thinking beyond today’s challenges and expectations, and strategically planning and acting to meet tomorrow’s challenges. 

Our half-day workshops provide a framework and teach you the tools needed to continuously improve your practice so that you can stay one step ahead. 

Areas of Focus

Firm Fundamentals. In this workshop you will identify and articulate your team’s vision, mission and values; learn how they relate to your goals and tactics; and understand why they are important from a business perspective.

Kanban Workflow. This workshop teaches you how to build and use a kanban board to manage knowledge work. You will learn how to use this system both for personal productivity and team communication.

Practice Model Canvas. This workshop is for designing and building a specific legal product or service offering. You will also identify its KPIs (key performance indicators) and develop a process for tracking them.

public workshops

Our workshops focus on proven best practices and strategic tools to level up your practice—and empower you to skate to where the puck is going. We limit the number of participants to ensure everyone leaves with practical skills, and an action plan to put in place immediately. 

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Private workshops

We can come directly to you and conduct a private, on-site workshop for your team. Workshops can be scoped to include your entire firm or legal department, or tailored to a specific team or practice group.

In addition to the workshop types listed above, we also offer custom workshops designed around your organization’s unique needs.

I attended one of Cat’s workshops two years ago, and picked up more practical, ready-to-apply tips and techniques than I’d obtained in any other seminar. I was hooked. I have since retained Cat as a consultant on every technology issue that has arisen in my firm. I have recouped her notoriously reasonable consulting fees many times over from the savings directly related to her recommendations. Cat’s niche is a rare combination of technological expertise and a clear understanding of running a law firm.
— Donna Green, Franklin, TN